Convocation and Superintendent's Conference Days

Dr. Cynthia Seniuk, Superintendent of Schools, hosted Convocation for faculty and staff on August 29 as the kick off to the Superintendent Conference Day workshops before the start of school. In her opening remarks, Dr. Seniuk reflected on Aretha Franklin’s legacy and how she realized that many of her well-known quotes paralleled with the world of education. Just as Ms. Franklin considered singing a natural gift that she tried to use to the highest degree, Dr. Seniuk said, “Working with children to prepare them for their future is something that comes from inside you. It cannot be taught. This is what puts educators in a class of their own, and I am honored to stand beside you.”

 As is tradition at Convocation, staff and faculty were recognized for their milestone years of service. Board President Jennifer Hyland and Dr. Seniuk thanked them for their dedication to the North Merrick School District. They are:

Five Years: Leon Bartley, Gail Foldes, Julianne Schultz-Woods, and Suzanne Taliani.

Ten Years: Andrew Brunson, Denise Homolka, Robin Isseks, Frank Portella, Marcy Rodriguez, Patricia Taylor, and Ruth Vadnais.

Fifteen Years: Elizabeth Babikian, Melissa Chan, Stephen Chan, Ann Foley, Maria Heading, Dana Kiderman, Kathryn Pascarella, Laurie Sheridan, James Ufier, Craig Willis, and Jill Wynne.

Twenty Years: James Barton, Regina Calder, Jennifer Costanzo, Louis DelBove, Mary Jo Ehlinger, Kenneth Grant, Diana Hooker, Joyce Kelley, John McDaid, Arlene Nucero, Pembe Ozkumru, and Katherine Valle.

Thirty Years: Maddie Brown and John Fitzsimons.

Thirty Year Service Awards

Thirty Year Service Award recipients paraprofessional Maddie Brown and custodian John Fitzsimons - have dedicated their careers to North Merrick Schools.