North Merrick Students Test Marvelous Molecules

North Merrick students are scientists!

As part of the experiential K-6 science program, students are participating in hands-on, inquiry-based learning. Currently, fifth graders are testing variables in the Marvelous Molecules series of activities by collecting data on how dye colors travel through water. They are dropping, mixing and watching to develop the experimental method so they can explain the behavior of liquids.

In each grade throughout the district, students are learning to investigate scientific problems – and answer their own questions. For example, second graders took a field trip to the beach to collect marine biology specimens for further study in their classroom touch tanks while fourth graders are observing environmental factors and the process of erosion at stream tables and sixth graders are becoming budding architects and engineers in a variety of building and structure projects utilizing straws, paper strips and index cards that can actually carry weight.

“The North Merrick hands-on science program really brings the subject alive for our students and allows them to take an active role in the curriculum,” explains Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Cynthia Seniuk.

Marvelous Molecules Unit